3 Questions I Ask When Writing Instagram Captions (+ How To Boost Your Efforts Using Caption Templates)

So you run an Instagram profile for your brand.

You do it all. You plan the content, design the images (all hail, Canva), write the captions, schedule the content, engage with the audience … the list goes on.

It’s not easy work, this Instagram.

I speak from experience when I say sometimes I just feel like giving up on Instagram and hoping the forces of the Universe send me some clients by sheer good fortune.

Of course, I know that’s highly unlikely so I persevere. I may take short breaks from Instagram, but I ultimately come back with some posts and the occasional story show-up.

Instagram ain’t easy — here’s what I struggled with

Here’s where my struggle is with Instagram: designing posts.

I’m not a designer. I used to tinker around with Photoshop but my Adobe Creative Suite days are long gone.

When I use Canva I get distracted by the 112,348 templates and waste time making adjustments only to realise neither of them is consistent with my brand colours, fonts or overall look.

How did I solve this problem? I got some Canva templates.

Recommended templates: Social Media Canva Templates by Lookeesan Creatives

Naturally, there’s still work to be done. But I save so much time! I get these templates, change up the colours and fonts and voila. I just have to add my own text and decide which layout to use instead of spending hours scrolling through templates to decide.

Once the design was done, I would open up my Facebook (now Meta) Business Manager and schedule them in.

All that was left to do before hitting schedule / publish was to right out the captions.

Here are three questions I ask when writing Instagram captions:

1. Which content pillar is this post for?

For my Instagram account, I have three types of posts: educational, motivational and promotional. Knowing which post this is for helps me skew the message I have. For example, for motivational posts (usually a quote), I write a personal story and make it short. For carousels — usually educational — I get a little in-depth and share more knowledge in the caption.

2. What’s the call to action for this Instagram caption?

Answering the first question makes it SO MUCH easier to get this question right. Motivational post? Just get people to follow me. Educational post? Maybe a relevant resource to download or buy. Promotional post? Duh. Link in bio, usually.

3. Is this caption consistent with my brand message?

Ah, this one is more of a “check in” question just before I hit schedule / publish. I read through the caption one more time and try to put myself in the shoes of the reader. Am I rambling? Is this what I usually say or am I offering too much of a personal perspective (happens when I write in a bad mood!)? Is this caption truly beneficial to the reader? If not, I edit it before posting.

Pro-tip: run your caption through Grammarly before posting it, just to ensure you have no silly typos or long-winded sentences.

An opportunity to help others

Captions, naturally, come easier to me than design does.

Using the templates for design really helped me to batch create my content for Instagram and get the ball rolling by sharing my expertise and engaging with the audience.

This made me realise something.

If I struggle with design and there are templates to help me make my life easier, could I possibly make my followers’/clients’ lives easier with caption templates?

Introducing: my Instagram Caption Template Bank

This bank of 100+ caption templates has helped many of my clients and social media followers come up with captions much, much easier!

The Instagram captions are perfect for personal brands who want to motivate their followers, make announcements and launch products/services. There are even greeting-related posts and posts that help you share your expertise and resources with your followers.

The best part? These captions, although written with Instagram as the main medium, can be redistributed or repurposed for your other social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Talk about value for money!

Hope these tips and resources have helped you. Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you have any other questions on this topic.

Get your caption template bank and other helpful resources via my website @ https://manishadhalani.com/shop/

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