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Blog Writing Services

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get about blogging are:

I’ve been writing blog posts for a decade now.

I’ve written for several niches – from health to personal finance, digital marketing to local lifestyle. Whatever your niche, I take the time to speak to you to gather your expectations and knowledge, do my own research, and then spin the information I’ve collected into an article that resonates with your audience.

When I get asked questions like the above-mentioned, I ask my clients questions back. What their objectives are with each blog post they want to create. Do you want more readers? Do you want to sell something? Do you want to rank higher? The answers to all these questions determine the strategy you need for your blog.

But yes, you should start a blog. It’ll help people come to you for expertise, and make it easier for people who don’t know you to find you.

Each article’s length depends on your audience. Do they like reading longer content or do they want bite-size information?

You don’t need to know SEO inside out. You just need to cover the basics and then write articles that your readers actually come in search of you for. Or
hire me to write it out for you.

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