My name is Manisha Dhalani. I am a freelance writer who, if not found with my head buried in a book, is usually busy trying to find ways to better the world with words that tug on the heart’s strings. Read on to find out more about me – the emotional entrepreneur, the inquisitive introvert.

The Story

Manisha Dhalani is a little shy yet extremely inquisitive. Like every other person, she discovered ink in pre-school, and fell in love with the idea of scribbling all over the paper and, much to her mother’s disappointment, all over the walls. Later in life (thanks to the development of her grey matter), she took that as a sign that she was meant to be a writer. When she was only 12, she received a letter informing her that an article she wrote was getting published in a local magazine in Brunei. And so began the journey of Manisha Dhalani the writer, who now moves back and forth Singapore and Brunei to manage her responsibilities.

Manisha has founded, written for, and edited several publications. She also enjoys churning out other written material – from poetry as a hobby all the way up to authoritative blogging.

If that’s not enough, Manisha’s curious nature continues to drive her to explore other realms such as reading (a lot), editing, designing, research, entrepreneurship, marketing, researching, food, travel, spirituality and psychology — all in the quest to widen her horizons and outlook towards life. She infuses these experiences into the content she works with, aiming always to provide worthwhile and informative articles to readers of her website, as well as the clients who hire her as a writer.

How Can I Help You?

Having been a student of life, as well as a writer, editor and entrepreneur, I am capable of offering content services that inject the right dosage of emotions in order tug on the heart strings of your audience; helping you achieve that much needed advantage over your competitors. In addition to conventional writing and editing services, I am recognised for my work with corporate and authoritative blogs, social media copywriting, as well as with e-book editing.