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Why I Chose To Become A Freelance Writer

I never had a job as a writer. I worked in the advertising field, design industry, marketing sector, research field, and even in oil and gas – and none of the aforementioned jobs had a “writer” position tagged to it.

Yet somehow, I was always writing. I was writing briefs, codes, press releases, articles, reports – you name it. And my writing was complimented often.

I did do a lot of writing on the side. Since I was young, I juggled working with school newsletters, music zines, and even co-founded a lifestyle magazine. I wrote articles for some blogs, contributed posts to some columns and even helped a few clients with their books.

freelance writerI had the liberty of choice. I was lucky enough to choose between writing as a passion or writing as a career.

I decided to choose both.

And then I had the daunting task of making another decision – full time or freelance.

Again, being very greedy, I chose both.

The tag of “freelance writer”, however stuck with me. I don’t have a “9 to 5” job as a writer. Nobody calls me “their writer”. I don’t work for one specific person. Unless you consider me my own boss.

And that’s just the way I like it.

If you’re new to writing, and asking yourself the same questions I asked, here are some other reasons I chose the freelance route instead. If it’s something you think you can follow, then do so. Either way, you should have a better idea of your answers by the end of this article.

I prefer working alone

I suppose due to my rather introvert nature, working in an office surrounded by people is not really my cup of tea. I love productive discussions and teamwork, but I’m definitely not for the side dishes they serve up – office politics and unreasonable clients that I don’t have the liberty to shout “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!” at, for instance. Thankfully, I did not have to experience a lot of this when I did have full-time jobs, but just the thought of having to face them is intimidating.

Having said that, I should point out that winning battles as a one-(wo)man army is tough. Even as a freelance writer, I still need help from people. When such situations arise, I outsource marketing and admin work to virtual assistants.

I get bored and complacent very easily

I’ve always been blessed with a rather comfortable life. Over time, I have realised that this is not necessarily good for me. It makes me lazy. Plus, I get bored easily. Mundane tasks as a dead-end 9-to-5 isn’t my thing.

So how do I kill these two birds with one stone? By becoming a freelance writer where I would have no choice but to toil to make ends meet. I can also choose which topics and clients I want to work on, taking in new projects and trying out new niches from time to time to avoid getting sucked into boredom.

I don’t know where I want to live

I’m in my late 20s as I write this and I still haven’t found that one city that I love to bits and want to settle down in. I travel from here to there like a nomad. Being a freelancer helps with this, for as long as I have decent internet connection, I can still work from wherever I am. I’m location independent.

If you’re not comfortable working in a cubicle, test out to see if the couch is more suitable for you. I do like the pressure at work, deadlines looming and the fear of reporting to someone else from time to time, which is why I balance my writing career with some projects that have more stringent deadlines and critical-thinking tasks.

Find your balance. Freelancing may not necessarily be the thing for you. You may prefer to choose to work for a magazine, newspaper, or even a creative agency on a full-time basis. Test out your waters and swim away when you figure out what’s comfortable for you.

All the best!


Manisha Dhalani: An Introduction

Welcome to my website!

As it states in the header above, I’m a freelance content manager. What it doesn’t say is that my purpose is to serve clients who are looking to engage someone with the ability to curate, create and correct content with the intention of increasing their brand’s awareness.

But I’m not writing this to tell you about my service offerings (you can go to the Services page for that), let me first recap to who I am and how I arrived to the point of this writing.


My life, like many others, is filled with stories that sometimes connect with each other and sometimes don’t – random, much. I was raised in Brunei for the first seventeen years of my life, after which I arrived in Singapore, excited to fulfill my dreams of becoming a journalist. That didn’t happen. Instead, taking a Diploma in Mass Communication resulted in me being even more confused as to what I really wanted to do in life.

I’ve juggled many professions. My father, a businessman, inspired me to become an entrepreneur at the sheer age of 10 by selling stickers to my classmates. It then took another turn when I realised I was capable of running a newsletter after I proposed and later edited one for my school. In Singapore, I co-founded and edited another two magazines whilst holding several full-time jobs and running side-businesses on a freelance basis. Long story short, throughout my life I have had so many experiences that it is very evident that I am indeed a Jill-of-all-trades.

Being Content

Eventually, it dawned upon me that I had to start focusing on where I wanted my life to go. I stumbled upon several content marketers and the rest, as they say, is history. I finally found the one thing that I wasn’t only good at, but was also passionate about. Plus, it helped me balance my love for too many things and I can now narrow it down to researching, writing and editing – all whilst wearing an entrepreneurial hat since I now run my own freelance business, full-time.

Overall, I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned, and for the ones I am yet to encounter. I must, however, point out that I’m not one to jump the gun and admit that I’m a lover of mistakes for all that they have thought me. It’s a love-hate relationship, really, as I’m only human, bound to make the same mistakes over again and curse myself for doing so.

Still, thanks to all the experiences I go through, you will find that my writing has evolving patterns. While my personal writing can go from light-hearted to tackling serious issues, my professional writing can vary from topics like relationships to consultancy services such as graphic design all the way up to oil and gas. In a gist, I am capable of using the knowledge I have, infusing it with the message you want to communicate, conducting further research, writing and then editing your content. I try to look at it from a 360-degree point of view, as much as possible.

So Much More To Offer

Aside from viewing my writings for columns and work for clients, if you follow my Facebook page and subscribe to my blog (see right sidebar), I will, in time to come, provide you with even more insights into how my lessons can benefit your business.


As a start, I’m offering FREE access to a case study I wrote about a business of mine that started and failed for a limited time. This guidebook is perfect for blog shop owners and online product sellers. It is my aim that, by downloading and going through this resource, you will be able to learn from my past mistakes and identify existing gaps, if any, in your endeavours and possibly attend to them before it’s too late. Do let me know if you do find it beneficial.

I thank you for taking your time to visit this website and to read this introductory post.

Do look forward to regular portfolio updates and future blog posts and books about how you can progress better in your personal and professional lives.

Till then, cheers!