Category: Reflections

How I Break Free From My Mental Clutter

My brain loves working on overdrive. Unfortunately, a lot of what I think about is junk. I am constantly struggling to break free from my mental clutter. To make matters worse, I get so drained out from organising my thoughts that it often leaves very little room in the day to do some actual writing. […]

Why I Chose To Become A Freelance Writer

I never had a job as a writer. I worked in the advertising field, design industry, marketing sector, research field, and even in oil and gas – and none of the aforementioned jobs had a “writer” position tagged to it. Yet somehow, I was always writing. I was writing briefs, codes, press releases, articles, reports […]

3 Marketing Lessons 2014 Taught Me

And so another year has come and zoomed past us. The year was a fruitful one for me. A lot of major changes happened, the highlight being me quitting my full-time job to return back to Brunei to be with my parents and to concentrate on my writing. How was that worked out for me, […]